Amazon Debuts New Fire Phone; Are People Going to Buy it?

The New Amazon Fire Phone; Are People Going to Buy it? #tech


The New Amazon Fire Phone.

Amazon has finally decided to play around with the smartphone market.

The new Fire Phone was debuted on Wednesday, and has been rumored to be in development since 2009. If that’s true, there isn’t a whole lot to show for it. At $199 with a contract and a free 12-month Prime membership, it’s not competing with Apple or Android price-wise.

A couple cool features include…

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Unemployment is (Shockingly) Bad For Your Heart, Health, and More

#Unemployment is (Shockingly) Bad For Your Heart and More

Unemployment and Obesity

While it may not come as a shock, unemployment can have a negative toll on your health. Unemployed people are more likely to be depressed, and Gallup-Healthways researchers found that unemployment is linked with heart health, as well.

Along with those two effects, long-term unemployment can also cause obesity. Most people think they will be very productive and healthy during their time of…

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Starbucks Will Pay For Employees to Finish College

@Starbucks Will Pay For Employees to Finish #College


Twin Design /

Starbucks, for providing many perks that aren’t common in the service industry, now is going to pay for the last two years of college for any employee. In a deal the coffeehouse made with Arizona State University, Starbucks will reimburse full tuition for employees who enroll as juniors and seniors in ASU’s online program. Freshmen and sophomores will also be…

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Can’t help but love the Property Brothers! Check out John and Drew Scott’s NoH8 photos!

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Starbucks to Offer Free Wireless Charging in San Francisco

@Starbucks to Offer Free #Wireless Charging in San Francisco

There is no longer a need to drag your cell phone or laptop charger to Starbucks. Soon Starbucks will be offering wireless charging stations in all of their stores. The pads will start in San Francisco shops first, with expansion to other cities starting next year. Each store will have about 10 Powermats.

The chargers are Duracell Powermats. Here’s what they look like:

Starbucks Wireless Charger

IMG: via Starbucks


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